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Janey Belle - She'll blow your brains out.

Zombie Tramp is an independent creator-owned comic book franchise that involves elements of horror, action and comedy. It is also the unofficial name for the franchise's extremely titular character, Janey Belle, who is (appropriately enough), both a zombie and a tramp. The character was created by Dan Mendoza and first appeared in a series of self-published graphics novels from 2009-2011. In 2013, Mendoza brought his little undead tart over to the folks at Action Lab Comics, who began publishing an ongoing standard-sized color series of Zombie Tramp. This series ran for thirteen issues until 2014. A third Zombie Tramp ongoing series began publication that same year under Action Lab's "Danger Zone" imprint. All iterations of the title are suggested for mature readers and include scenes of graphic violence, profanity, sexual situations and nudity. Most comic book issues of the franchise shipped with variant covers, including "risqué" covers that show female topless nudity and/or female rear nudity.

Janey Belle was a high-class prostitute operating out of Hollywood, California. She worked for a cross-dressing madam named George Sumero. She was the call-girl to the stars, and was frequently seen at public venues with well-known celebrities such as Brad Glitch at the Annual Movie Awards.

Shortly after the red carpet event, George Sumero was busted, and brought to jail. An unscrupulous prison guard blackmailed him into letting him have a night with Janey Belle. George explained his situation to Janey, who reluctantly agreed to take the client, even though she had a strict policy against having sex with cops.

That evening, Janey went to the address of the guard's house. He bad-mouthed her at length and called her a tramp, then escorted her down to the basement. She was shocked to find several skeletal remains across the floor, as well as a slavering zombie chained to a wall. The guard announced his intention to have sex with Janey, after which he would feed her to the zombie, who happened to be his son.

Before anything else could happen, the zombie broke his chains and leaped onto Janey, biting her in the shoulder. She managed to push him off, and raced out of the house and jumped into her car. She immediately began getting dizzy, and crashed the vehicle. Shortly thereafter, Janey Belle found herself transformed into one of the undead.

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