Wolfen (1981)
Title: Wolfen
Directed by: Michael Wadleigh
Written by: David Eyre; Michael Wadleigh; Eric Roth [1]
Produced by: Rupert Hitzig; Alan King; Michael Wadleigh
Music by: James Horner
Cinematography: Gerry Fisher; Tom Priestley
Edited by: Marshall M. Borden; Martin J. Bram [2] Dennis Dolan; Chris Lebenzon
Distributed by: Orion Pictures Corporation
Released: July 24th, 1981
Rating: R
Running time: 115 min.
Country: USA
Language: English

Wolfen is an American feature film of the werewolf subgenre. It is based on the 1978 novel The Wolfen by Whitley Strieber. The film adaptation was directed by Michael Wadleigh and written by Wadleigh, David Eyre and Eric Roth. It was produced by Orion Pictures and premiered in the United States on July 24th, 1981. The film stars Albert Finney as New York police detective Dewey Wilson. Co-starring in the film with Finney is Diane Venora as Rebecca Neff, Edward James Olmos as Eddie Holt, Gregory Hines as Whittington, Tom Noonan as Ferguson and Dick O'Neill as Warren.

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  • Wolfen redirects to this page.
  • Wolfen marks the feature film directorial debut of Michael Wadleigh. Wadleigh is also known for directing the 1970 music documentary Woodstock.

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  1. Eric Roth is uncredited as a co-screenwriter on this film.
  2. Editor Martin J. Bram is credited as Martin Bram in this film.

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