Witchcraft XI: Sisters in Blood
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Title: Witchcraft XI: Sisters in Blood
Directed by: Ron Ford
Written by: Ron Ford
Produced by: Jerry Feifer; David S. Sterling
Cinematography: Scott Spears
Edited by: Brad Jacques
Distributed by: Cinema Epoch
Released: May, 2000
Rating: Unrated
Running time: 90 min.
Country: USA
Language: English
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Witchcraft XI: Sisters in Blood is an American low-budget horror film of the witchcraft and Satanism genres. It is the eleventh installment in the Witchcraft film series, which comprises sixteen movies in total, making it one of the longest-running horror movie franchises of all time. The film was written and directed by Ron Ford. It was produced by Cinema Epoch and released direct-to-video through Vista Street Entertainment on May 9th, 2000. The premise of the movie involves three college students who mistakenly awaken the spirits of three centuries-old witches as part of their drama class. The witches take possession of the students and attempt open a gateway to Hell to release their master - the demon Abaddon.

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  • The tagline to this film is "It's best to keep EVIL in the family".
  • Production on this film commenced and was completed in May of 1999.
  • There are a total of twenty-two credited cast members in this film.
  • Writer and director Ron Ford also makes a cameo appearance in the movie as a coroner. He is uncredited in the film in this capacity.
  • Actor Don Scribner is credited as Don Donason in this film.
  • Actor Joseph Haggerty is credited as Joseph P. Haggerty in this film.
  • Actor Vinnie Bilancio is credited as Vincent Bilancio in this film.
  • Actor David Alan Graf is credited as David Allan Graf in this film.
  • Actress Heather Branch is credited as Heather B. Haines in this film.
  • Actor Richie Brand is credited as Richard Brand in this film.
  • Reference is made to Abaddon in this film. In the Hebrew religion, Abaddon is an angel of the abyss - the realm of the dead known as Sheol. He is often associated with swarms of locusts and is referred to as the Destroyer. In this series, Abaddon is a demon and Satan's general.
  • Lucy Lutz and Detective Garner are recurring character in the series, and have also appeared in the ninth and tenth installments of the franchise.

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