Wilhemina Venable
American Horror Story 8x09 007
Wilhemina Venable
Aliases: Ms. Venable
Ms. Wilhemina Venable
Continuity: American Horror Story: Apocalypse
Notability: Main character
Type: Leader
Gender: Female
Location: Outpost Three
Associations: Kineros Robotics
The Cooperative
Status: Formerly deceased
Died: 2021[1]
1st appearance: "The End"
Final: "Apocalypse Then"
Actor: Sarah Paulson

Wilhemina Venable is a fictional administrator and a central character featured in the FX Network television series American Horror Story. She appeared in the eighth season of the show, which carried the subtitle "Apocalypse". She was played by actress Sarah Paulson.

She is revealed in "Sojourn" to be a member of the robotics company who was responsible for making the robot version of Miriam Mead.

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  • Playing the role of Wilhelmina Venable is Sarah Paulson's tenth role on American Horror Story. In the season one storyline, "Murder House", she played physic Billie Dean Howard. In season two's, "Asylum", she portrayed the main role as Lana Winters. In "Coven", from season three, Paulson played a witch named Cordelia Foxx. On the season four story-arc, "Freak Show", she played cojoined twins Bette and Dot Tattler. In "Hotel", she played drug addict ghost Sally McKenna. In "Roanoke", she portrayed Shelby Miller in re-enactments of the faux-documentary "My Roanoke Nightmare" as well as Shelby's actor, Audrey Tindall, later in the season. In "Cult", she portrayed the deeply traumatized and eventual S.C.U.M. leader Ally Mayfair-Richards and Manson family member Susan Atkins.
    • Wilhemina is the only new role portrayed by Paulson this season as her previous characters, Cordelia and Billie Dean, returned with Cordelia becoming the main protagonist as of the episode "Could It Be...Satan?".
  • Suffered from a severe form of scoliosis, which she regarded as her secret shame. As such, she walked with a cane.

Appearances Edit

  1. American Horror Story: The End (1st appearance)
  2. American Horror Story: The Morning After
  3. American Horror Story: Forbidden Fruit (Dies)
  4. American Horror Story: Could It Be... Satan? (As a corpse only)

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