"The Second Seal"
Series War of the Worlds
Season 1, Episode 7
The Second Seal title card.jpeg
Air date November 7th, 1988
Writers Patrick Barry
Director Neill Fearnley
Producers Jonathan Hackett; Greg Strangis; Sam Strangis
Starring Jared Martin; Lynda Mason Green; Philip Akin; Richard Chaves
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"Goliath Is My Name"
"Contact with that crystal is affecting your behavior!"
"I'm in total control, Suzanne.
―Suzanne McCullough and Harrison Blackwood

"The Second Seal" is the seventh episode of season one of the science fiction series War of the Worlds and is the seventh episode of the series overall. It was directed by Neill Fearnley and written by Patrick Barry. It originally aired in first-run syndication on November 7th, 1988.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The aliens begin infiltrating a military base in hopes of possessing a list containing the location of 10,000 of their stored-away comrades.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

While examining Dr. Forrester's papers in an underground vault, Harrison and Suzanne discover an alien crystal. Its narcotic effects hamper them in battle with alien-possessed soldiers searching for a list where 10,000 comatose aliens are stored. Ironhorse, alerted by Norton, fights through to Harrison and Suzanne as they evade alien demolition charges in the vaults. Ironhorse shoots an alien escaping around a corner, apparently with the list. Do the aliens have it?

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