"The Raising of Lazarus"
Series War of the Worlds
Season 1, Episode 23
The Raising of Lazarus title card.jpeg
Air date May 8th, 1989
Writers Durnford King
Director Neill Fearnley
Producers Jonathan Hackett; Greg Strangis; Sam Strangis
Starring Jared Martin; Lynda Mason Green; Philip Akin; Richard Chaves
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"After we evacuate, this facility will be like Chernobyl."
―Harrison Blackwood

"The Raising of Lazarus" is the twenty-third episode of season one of the science fiction series War of the Worlds and is the twenty-third episode of the series overall. It was directed by Neill Fearnley and written by Durnford King. It originally aired in first-run syndication on Monday, May 8th, 1989.

Plot[edit | edit source]

A strange alien pod is found and taken to a nuclear research facility. The Blackwood Project is summoned to investigate, but their authority is soon overridden by a mysterious Project 9.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

A small alien vessel with its inert pilot are discovered and placed in a nuclear-powered underground United States Air Force base. The team begins studying it, but Col. Alexander of the Air Force arrives with orders placing him in charge. His people fail to open the craft with drill and laser. Norton advises Harrison that sound feedback might work, and it does. The experiments begin.

Alexander injects himself with alien tissue, hoping to gain alien powers. The alien pilot revives and enters the ventilation system. Alexander works on top-secret, military technology development. The alien taps into their phone line and accesses the Blackwood Project computer files. Then, with fuel from the base reactor, the alien contaminates almost the entire base, possesses Alexander and escapes. Ironhorse and Harrison destroy the fleeing alien with the laser.

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