"He Feedeth Among the Lilies"
Series War of the Worlds
Season 1, Episode 15
He Feedeth Among the Lilies title card.jpeg
Air date January 30th, 1989
Writers Tom Lazarus
Director George Bloomfield
Producers Jonathan Hackett; Greg Strangis; Sam Strangis
Starring Jared Martin; Lynda Mason Green; Philip Akin; Richard Chaves
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"The Prodigal Son"
"They're – they're hurting me. Oh, oh... They're putting something inside me."
―Karen McKinney

"He Feedeth Among the Lilies" is the fifteenth episode of season one of the science fiction series War of the Worlds and is the fifteenth episode of the series overall. It was directed by George Bloomfield and written by Tom Lazarus. It originally aired in first-run syndication on January 30th, 1989.

Plot[edit | edit source]

To better understand their problem, the aliens begin abducting humans to learn the secret of their immune systems.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Alien experiments on humans to combat Earth's bacteria fail in the cavern's radiation. The aliens abduct humans, implant a device in their bodies and "harvest" them six months later for study.

Meanwhile, the team interviews people who have encountered the aliens. They meet Karen McKinney who, for several months, has suffered debilitating nightmares about 10 missing hours in her life. She and Harrison begin a romance.

Under hypnosis, Karen reveals that she was abducted by creatures who placed something in her body. When Harrison explains about the aliens, she agrees to tests to find the implant. That night, Harrison rushes to her apartment, but finds Karen gone, abducted by the aliens.

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Notes & Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Julian Richings would later go on to play the Morthren scientist Ardix in Season 2 of War of the Worlds.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • Pat Thistle: I just want you both to know...we are God-fearing Christians who have never been in trouble a day in our lives.
  • Harrison: I'd appreciate it if you just tell me what happened.
  • Pat Thistle: We were out at our cabin, while we have a cabin on Saturday pond in Maine. We were watching the sun go down, like we do, when, for some reason, we started to walk through...to the woods.
  • Arnold Thistle: That's where we saw them.
  • Pat Thistle: There were six of them. We were about to walk over to them when we heard them speak. We've never heard anything like it. It sounded like...I could hear it, but I don't think I could ever describe it. They had this strange thing. It looked almost like one of those old vacuum cleaners from the 30s. And they were...looking around for something.
  • Ironhorse: How do you know that?
  • Arnold Thistle: You could tell...by the way they were moving it across the ground.
  • Harrison: What did they look like?
  • Pat Thistle: I know this sounds crazy. We've had a lot of time to think about it. It looked like a cross between a giant green frog...and a huge slimy walnut.
  • Arnold Thistle: With three fingers on each hand.
  • Pat Thistle: People have seen them, haven't they?

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