"Among the Philistines"
Series War of the Worlds
Season 1, Episode 12
Among the Philistines title card.jpeg
Air date January 9th, 1989
Writers Patrick Berry
Director William Fruet
Producers Jonathan Hackett; Greg Strangis; Sam Strangis
Starring Jared Martin; Lynda Mason Green; Philip Akin; Richard Chaves
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"Choirs of Angels"
"Don't you see? It's not just our problem. If we lose this war, we lose the entire planet."
―Harrison Blackwood

"Among the Philistines" is the twelfth episode of season one of the science fiction series War of the Worlds and is the twelfth episode of the series overall. It was directed by William Fruet and written by Patrick Berry. It originally aired in first-run syndication on January 9th, 1989.

Plot[edit | edit source]

A set-up for the aliens by the Blackwood Project is soon spun on its head as an alien manages to infiltrate the Cottage.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The team meets Dr. Adrian Bouchard, a language expert who has partially decoded the alien transmissions. The team takes him to the Cottage to help Norton. They make good progress: A new transmission indicates an imminent alien operation. Leaving Norton and Adrian behind, the others hurry with Delta Squad to stop the aliens.

Norton discovers that Adrian is really an alien infiltrator. Adrian kills Thomas Kensington. Norton rescues Debi, but is trapped in the lab with Adrian, who has copied all the team's computer data.

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