"All Out War"
Walking Dead 121.jpg
The Walking Dead
Title: "All Out War"
Storyline: "All Out War - Part Two"
Volume: 1
number: 121
Cover date: February, 2014
Cover price: $2.99
Publisher: Image Comics
Skybound Entertainment
Executive editor: Eric Stephenson
Writers: Robert Kirkman
Pencilers: Charlie Adlard
Inkers: Stefano Gaudiano
Cover artists: Charlie Adlard
Cover inker: Charlie Adlard
Cover colorist: Dave Stewart
Colorists: Cliff Rathburn
Letterers: Rus Wooton
Editors: Sean Mackiewicz
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Next: The Walking Dead #122

"All Out War" is the 121st issue of the survival horror comic book series, The Walking Dead, published by Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment. It is the first chapter in the "All Out War - Part Two" storyline, and the seventh chapter of the entire storyline. The story was written by Robert Kirkman with artwork by Charlie Adlard, inks by Stefano Gaudiano, and grey coloring highlights by Cliff Rathburn. The issue was published with a February, 2014 cover date and carries a cover price of $2.99 per copy (US).

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  • This series is rated M for Mature.
  • This issue had an estimated sales rank of $65,244.
  • This issue shipped in the same month as issue #122.
  • This is the second and final appearance of John; dies in this issue. He appeared last in issue #115.
  • This is the thirty-first and final appearance of Denise Cloyd, who dies in this issue. She is bitten by Holly and put down by Michonne.

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