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Vicki Donovan
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Vicki Donovan
Aliases: Victoria Donovan
Continuity: The Vampire Diaries
Notability: Supporting character
Type: Vampire; Food server; Student
Gender: Female
Location: Mystic Falls, Virginia
Known relatives: Matt Donovan (brother)
Born: August 20th, 199? [1]
Died: 2009
1st appearance: "Pilot"
Final: "Haunted"

Vicki Donovan is a fictional waitress and a credited recurring character from the CW Network television series The Vampire Diaries. She is played by actress Kayla Ewell and was introduced in the pilot episode of the series.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Vicki Donovan is a waitress at the Mystic Grill in the town of Mystic Falls, Virginia. She has been romantically involved with Jeremy Gilbert, whom she bought drugs from in the past, but also with high school football star Tyler Lockwood. Vicki is embarrassed about her shared history with Jeremy and tries to keep it a secret from everyone, though most are aware of their relationship.

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  1. Vampire Diaries: Lost Girls; Revealed on driver's license; DOB partially obscured.

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