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Aliases: Vamps; Bloodsuckers; The Undead

Vampires are supernatural creatures that have to drink the blood of humans or animals in order to sustain their immortal lives. A vampire is a living corpse, commonly referred to as the undead. They were once a living, human being, whom through various circumstances became a victim of vampirism. The means by which one becomes a vampire may vary, but there are several traditions that are acknowledged in most television programs. Vampires are usually created through the actions of another vampire. If a vampire drinks blood from a human victim to the point of death, the victim will die and be reborn three nights later as one of the undead. More modern techniques have added the idea of a human victim being forced to replenish themselves with the blood of the vampire, thus prompting the supernatural changes in their physiology. These vampires are usually subservient to the vampire that created them, but there have been accounts where vampires have been shown to be rebellious against their masters. A vampire can also be created through an act of sorcery, in which a witch or warlock enacts a curse which transforms a living person into a vampire. In almost all instances, this effect is permanent and the curse can only be lifted by the willful action of the original caster. Becoming a vampire has an adverse effect on an individual’s psyche. As they are considered to be creatures of black magic, it is not uncommon for a vampire to commit acts of deliberate evil.

Vampire powers[edit | edit source]

Turning[edit | edit source]

A vampire can transform another human being into a vampire. Once this is done, the secondary vampire is traditionally subservient to the primary vampire, mainly because the primary vampire is stronger and more experienced than its unnatural offspring. This is not always the case however, and some vampires have been known to turn against their masters.

Bite[edit | edit source]

A vampire possesses two fangs, which they can use to puncture the jugular vein of their victims and drink their blood. Vampires also possess the ability to adequately conceal these fangs when they are in the company of those who are unaware of the vampire's supernatural identity. Modern stories have added the idea that a vampire's fangs are retractable. This has been demonstrated in television shows such as True Blood and Being Human. In 30 Days Of Night, the vampires are portrayed as having a full set of sharp teeth instead of 2 fangs.

Mesmerism[edit | edit source]

A vampire has the ability to hypnotize other human beings. In order to do this, the vampire must drink blood from his victim on at least one occasion. Once this is done, the victim will fall into a malaise and the vampire can command the thrall to do its bidding.

Animal summoning[edit | edit source]

A vampire appears to have an unnatural affinity when it comes to certain animals. Canines especially can perceive a vampire’s presence and recognize one as being something unnatural. It is possible that a vampire can maintain limited control over such animals and use them to suit their own purposes.

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

Wooden stake[edit | edit source]

A sharpened weapon imbedded into the heart of a vampire will destroy them. Traditionally, a wooden stake is the preferred tool for carrying out such a task, but any solid, sharpened object will do, such as a crossbow bolt.

The sun[edit | edit source]

Exposure to sunlight will destroy a vampire. A vampire can only withstand direct solar radiation for a few seconds before he or she will be forced to find shelter.

The cross[edit | edit source]

By holding some form of crucifix in front of a vampire, a potential victim can cause the vampire to halt, or even to turn and flee. Direct physical contact with a crucifix will severely burn a vampire, but will not destroy them.

Holy water[edit | edit source]

Water that has been blessed by a clergyman will burn a vampire if it makes contact with one. A sufficient supply of such water will likely destroy one entirely.

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Known vampires[edit | edit source]

Traditional vampires[edit | edit source]

Character Series
Alan Frog The Lost Boys
Alex Lowe American Horror Story
Ansel Barbour The Strain
Authority gate guard True Blood
Chase Blade: The Series
Chastity Marks Evil Ernie
Coraline Duvall Moonlight
Countess Elizabeth American Horror Story
Donovan American Horror Story
Dracula Universal Monsters
Dracula Hammer Horror
Ed Thompson Fright Night
Edith Harker Tomb of Dracula
Emily Arthurs Tomb of Dracula
Emma Arnot The Strain
Gabriel Bolivar The Strain
Gerri Dandridge Fright Night film series
Graf Orlok Nosferatu
James Kent True Blood
Jane Hammer Horror
Jerry Dandridge Fright Night
Jezz Davison Vamps
Johnny Alucard Hammer Horror
Jorge Alonso de San Diego True Blood
Josef Kostan Moonlight
Kibwe Akinjide True Blood
Krista Starr Blade: The Series
Kurt Barlow Salem's Lot
Lacie North Vamps
Lai Lan Vamps
Le Fanu Vampirella
Lucy Westenra Bram Stoker's Dracula
Marcus Van Sciver Blade: The Series
Mick St. John Moonlight
Mina Murray Harker Penny Dreadful
Proinsias Cassidy Preacher
Rachel van Helsing Tomb of Dracula
Ramona Royale American Horror Story
Sam Emerson Lost Boys
Sarita Vamps
Skeeter Vamps
Thomas Eichorst The Strain
Tristan Duffy American Horror Story
Vanessa Brooks Blade
Violet Mazurski True Blood
Willa Burrell True Blood
William Herrick Being Human (UK)
Yorga Count Yorga, Vampire
Yorga vampire bride (I) Count Yorga, Vampire

Half-vampires[edit | edit source]

Character Series
Eric Brooks Blade
Klaus Mikaelson The Originals
Macklyn Warlow True Blood
Michael Emerson Lost Boys

Cured vampires[edit | edit source]

Character Series
Barnabas Collins Dark Shadows
Michael Emerson Lost Boys

Behind the fangs[edit | edit source]

Includes actors, voice actors and stunt performers who have played vampires.

Person Series
Adrian Lester Being Human (UK)
Aidan Turner Being Human (UK)
Alex O'Loughlin Moonlight
Angela Bassett American Horror Story
Chloë Sevigny American Horror Story
Corey Haim Lost Boys
Dylan Brown Being Human (UK)
Finn Wittrock American Horror Story
Guy Flanagan Being Human (UK)
Isabelle Nélisse The Strain
Jack Kesy The Strain
Jamison Newlander Lost Boys
Jason Dohring Moonlight
Jason Patric Lost Boys
Jason Watkins Being Human (UK)
Jessica Gower Blade: The Series
Jill Wagner Blade: The Series
Karolina Wydra True Blood
Kiefer Sutherland Lost Boys
Lady Gaga American Horror Story
Luke Grimes True Blood
Matt Bomer American Horror Story
Nathan Parsons True Blood
Neil Jackson Blade: The Series
Nikolai Witschl The Strain
Richard Sammel The Strain
Rob Kazinsky True Blood
Robert Maillet The Strain
Sadie Frost Bram Stoker's Dracula
Shannyn Sossamon Moonlight

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