Urban Legends: Bloody Mary
Urban Legends - Bloody Mary (2005)
Title: Urban Legends: Bloody Mary
Directed by: Mary Lambert
Written by: Michael Dougherty; Dan Harris
Produced by: Matt Bierman; Aaron Merrell; Louis Philips; Jefferson Richard
Music by: Scooter Pietsch; Jeff Rona
Cinematography: Ian Fox
Edited by: Michelle Harrison
Distributed by: NPP Productions, Inc.
Released: July 19th, 2005
Rating: R
Running time: 93 min.
Country: USA
Language: English
Budget: $3,500,000
Previous: Urban Legends: Final Cut (2000)

Urban Legends: Bloody Mary is an American horror film of the supernatural thriller subgenre. It is the third and final installment in the Urban Legend film series and follows 2000's Urban Legends: Final Cut. The movie was directed by Mary Lambert and written by Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris. It was produced by NPP Productions, Inc. and released direct-to-video (VHS and Region 1 DVD formats) in the United States on July 19th, 2005. The movie stars Kate Mara as Samantha Owens, Robert Vito as David Owens and Tina Lifford as Grace Taylor.

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  • This is the first horror film written by Dan Harris.
  • Urban Legends: Bloody Mary is the first film in the series that steers way from it's previous slasher motif, taking on more supernatural elements including the presence of a vengeful ghost.
  • The "porn" Buck Jacoby was watching at the motel contains a scene from a dream sequence from Urban Legends: Final Cut where Amy dreams she was having sex with Trevor.

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