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"I dream about being with you forever."
Bella Swan

Twilight is a 2008 fantasy/romance film directed by Catherine Hardwicke. It is the first film in "The Twilight Saga" and is based on the best-selling novel Twilight by author Stephanie Meyer. Twilight was a runaway hit grossing more than $69 million dollars in its opening weekend, ultimately grossing $384 million dollars worldwide. Twilight does not technically fall under the horror category, but its central theme focuses on elements of the supernatural, in particular vampires and werewolves. The film takes place from the point of view of Bella Swan, a teenage girl who moves to the suburban town of Forks, Washington with her father. While going to school, she meets a strange, detached boy named Edward Cullen. Cullen persists in avoiding Bella, but she ultimately learns Edward's dark secret - he hails from a family of vampires. Bella also befriends a teenage boy named Jacob Black who, like Edward, comes from a family that likewise maintains a closely-guarded secret. The film explores the budding romance between Bella and Edward and the pitfalls of falling in love with a vampire.

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