"Sookie, you are mine!"
Eric Northman
"She's Not There"
Series True Blood
Season 4, Episode 1
True Blood 4x01 001.jpg
Air date June 26th, 2011
Writers Alexander Woo
Director Michael Lehmann
Producers Bruce Dunn; Robert Del Valle; Mark Hudis; Raelle Tucker; Alexander Woo; Nancy Oliver; Brian Buckner; Alan Ball; Gregg Fienberg; Christina Jokanovich; Marlis Pujol; David Auge; Luis M. Patiño
Starring Anna Paquin; Stephen Moyer; Sam Trammell; Ryan Kwanten; Rutina Wesley; Marshall Allman; Kevin Alejandro; Chris Bauer; Kristin Bauer van Straten; Lauren Bowles; Nelsan Ellis; Janina Gavankar; Todd Lowe; Jim Parrack; Carrie Preston; Alexander Skarsgård; Jessica Tuck; Deborah Ann Woll
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"She's Not There" is the first episode of season four of the TV series True Blood and the 37th episode of the series overall. It was directed by Michael Lehmann and written by Alexander Woo. It first aired on HBO on Sunday, June 26th, 2011. In this episode, Sookie is brought to the land of Faerie where she is reunited with her grandfather. Upon returning to Bon Temps however, she is horrified to discover that nearly a year's worth of time has passed. Andy Bellefleur is now Sheriff of Bon Temps and Jason is his deputy. Bill Compton, having apparently defeated Sophie-Anne Leclerq in combat, is now the vampire king of Louisiana. Sam takes anger management sessions with some fellow shape-shifters and Tara is working as a cage fighter in New Orleans while assuming a false identity. Meanwhile, a new threat looms on the horizon as Lafayette finds himself being drawn deeper into a witches' coven.

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  • This episode is rated TV-MA. It is suggested for mature viewers. It contains violence, nudity, adult language and sexual content.
  • Casting for this episode is provided by June Lowry Johnson, CSA, and Libby Goldstein.
  • When first broadcast, this episode was introduced by series creator Alan Ball who provided insight into things to expect in season 4 of True Blood.
  • First appearance of Marnie Stonebrook. She is to become the central antagonist in season 4.
  • First and only actual appearance of Earl Stackhouse. He was first referenced as early as the season 1 episode, "Mine".

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