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Tom DeFalco
Gender: Male
Medium(s): Comics
Roles: Writer; Editor; Editor-in-Chief
Date of birth: June 26th, 1950
Place of birth: Queens, New York City, New York
Notable works: Ghost Rider Vol 2

Tom DeFalco is a comic book writer and editor commonly associated with Marvel Comics. After spending twenty years in the industry writing and editing for flagship titles such as Spider-Man and The Fantastic Four, Tom was elevated to the position of Editor-in-Chief on April 15th, 1987. He served in this capacity from 1987 to 1994.

During DeFalco's tenures as EIC, Marvel Comics experienced an upsurge in interest in their horror-themed titles. In the early 1990s, Marvel Comics created their Midnight Sons brand, which included titles and characters that existed within the mainstream Marvel Universe, but were known to have a more supernatural edge than the standard superhero fare. Some of the titles launched under DeFalco's reign was a third Ghost Rider series, Morbius the Living Vampire, a series that featured the vampiric Spider-Man villain Michael Morbius, Spirits of Vengeance, which teamed up the current Ghost Rider with the former Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze, Nightstalkers, which featured monster hunters Blade, Frank Drake and Hannibal King and The Darkhold: Pages from the Book of Sin, which focused on a team of occult scholars trying to track down the missing pages of the malevolent occult tome, the Darkhold.

It was also during DeFalco's reign that famed horror author Clive Barker had the opportunity to explore his own lifelong interest in comic books. Barker put together the Razorline imprint, which included Hyperkind, Saint Sinner, Ectokid and Hokum & Hex. Saint Sinner was optioned as a television series, and though a pilot episode was filmed, the series was never picked up.

Barker's influence in comics was not restricted to just the Razorline imprint however. Tom DeFalco re-invigorated Marvel's mature-readers label, Epic Comics, and licensed several Clive Barker properties including the ongoing Hellraiser comic book series, the short-lived Pinhead spin-off series, the Nightbreed comic book series and The Harrowers.

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