Toad Boy
Toad Boy (Swamp Thing TV Series)
Toad Boy
Continuity: Swamp Thing
Notability: Minor character
Type: Un-Men
Gender: Male
Location: Louisiana
Died: 1990
1st appearance: "The Emerald Heart"
Actor: Bobby Porter

Toad Boy, real name unknown, is a minor character featured in the 1990 USA Network television series Swamp Thing. Played by actor Bobby Porter, he was introduced in the series' pilot episode, "The Emeradl Heart".

Biography Edit

Known only as "Toad Boy", this diminutive aberration was one of many scientific genetic experiments wrought by the twisted and ambitious genius, Anton Arcane. In 1990, the Toad Boy accosted eleven-year-old Jim Kipp in the swamps of Louisiana. Fortunately for Jim, the Swamp Thing appeared and scared Toad Boy off. The Toad Boy stole Jim's boat in order to escape.

A few weeks later, Toad Boy became the unfortunate tool used in one of Anton Arcane's schemes. Having captured Jim Kipp, Arcane sought to fake the boy's death so he could ship him off to one of his labor camps in South America. He had Sheriff Andrews murder Toad Boy, dress him up in Jim's clothes, then staged a fake bicycle accident. It appeared as if the bicycle had been hit by a car. Andrews doused the vehicle in gasoline, then set it on fire, so no one would be able to distinguish Toad Boy's body from Jim's.

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Although he hails from the Un-Men race, Toad Boy is a character unique to the continuity of the Swamp Thing live-action television series.

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