Tina Blake
Tina Blake - Carrie 2002
Tina Blake
Aliases: Christina Blake
Continuity: Carrie
Notability: Supporting character
Type: Student
Gender: Female
Location: Ewen High School, Maine
Died: 1979 (novel)
2002 (Miniseries)
2013 (remake)
1st appearance: Carrie (novel)
Actor: Katharine Isabelle
Zoë Belkin

Tina Blake is a fictional high school student and cheerleader featured in the 1974 novel Carrie by Stephen King. Although the character did not appear in the first film adaptation of Carrie, she did appear in the 2002 Carrie television miniseries where she was played by actress Katharine Isabelle. A character named Tina also appeared in the 2013 feature film remake, where she was played by Zoë Belkin.

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Tina Blake is presented as a teenage student at Ewen High School in Maine. She is a member of the school's cheerleading team and is best friends with Chris Hargensen. Tina was one of many such students to make sport of the socially awkward Carrie White, tormenting her in the girls' shower at school by hurling tampons at her screaming "Plug it up!" after Carrie has an unexpected and shocking menstrual issue. She is later present during the "Black Prom" event in which the girls play a cruel prank on Carrie by dumping a bucket of pig's blood over head - a prank that yields devastating consequences for all.

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  • Tina Blake did not appear in the 1976 film version of Carrie. The role was assumed by the character of Norma Watson.

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