Timothy Howard
American Horror Story 2x02 007
Timothy Howard
Aliases: Monsignor Timothy Howard
Cardinal Timothy Howard
Franchise: American Horror Story: Asylum
Notability: Main character
Type: Clergy
Gender: Male
Location: Briarcliff Manor, Wasaugee, Massachusetts
Status: Deceased
Died: 1970
1st appearance: "Welcome to Briarcliff"
Final: "Madness Ends"
Actor: Joseph Fiennes

Timothy Howard is a fictional priest and a central character on the FX Network television series American Horror Story. Played by actor Joseph Fiennes, he was introduced in the premiere episode of season two of the show, "Welcome to Briarcliff".

Biography Edit

Timothy Howard was a monsignor for the Catholic Church and operated out of the Briarcliff Manor mental hospital in Wasaugee, Massachusetts during the 1960s. It was Monsignor Howard who appointed Sister Jude Martin to the position of administrator of the asylum and served as a sort of mentor to her ever since she joined the faith. Sister Jude considered the monsignor a close companion and even nursed feelings of lust towards him, which she would fantasize about during meals together. [1]

Monsignor Howard and an older priest named Father Malachi conducted an exorcism on a seventeen-year-old patient in 1964 named Jed Potter. Potter had been possessed by a demon, but Howard successfully drove him out. Unfortunately, the experience proved too taxing for the boy and he died soon after harder. [2]

Monsignor Howard had knowledge of Doctor Arthur Arden's past; in particular his station as a former Nazi at Auschwitz during World War II. For whatever reason, Howard kept this information out of the public record and tried to protect Arden's secret from others. [3]

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  • Although actor Joseph Fiennes received top billing in the series, his character had a very minimal role in the first few episodes of the season. He was credited in "Nor'easter", but did not make an appearance.

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