Timothy Campbell
American Horror Story 8x02 005
Timothy Campbell
Continuity: American Horror Story
Notability: Recurring character
Type: Student
Gender: Male
Location: Los Angeles, California
Associations: Outpost Three
Known relatives: Nora Campbell
Mister Campbell
Edward Campbell
Devan Campbell
Status: Alive
Died: 2021[1]
1st appearance: "The End"
Final: "Apocalypse Then"
Actor: Kyle Allen

Andre Stevens is a fictional Apocalypse survivor and a minor recurring character featured on the FX Network television series American Horror Story. Played by actor Kyle Allen, he appeared in the season eight storyline, "Apocalypse".

Biography Edit

Timothy Campbell was a young man that got accepted into UCLA. His family were overjoyed to hear the news, but Timothy never got the chance to pursue his education. On the day he received his acceptance letter, the world erupted into global Armageddon. Two agents representing an organization known as The Cooperative burst into the Campbell home to take Timothy away. They said that he was genetically suited to survive the coming nuclear winter. His family however, were not.

Timothy was torn from his grieving family and taken to Outpost Three. He was classified as a member of the elite, known as a Purple. He met a young African American woman named Emily, who had likewise been abducted against her will and brought to the outpost. Emily had no idea why she was there.

The Cooperative maintained a strict prohibition against the forming of relationships. But as time went on, Timothy and Emily began to fall for one another.

The on-site leading representative of the Cooperative was a man named Michael Langdon, who told everyone that the outpost was doomed to be overrun, but a select few would be chosen to come to a special impregnable sanctuary. Timothy and Emily distrusted Michael, and broke into his room to sneak a look at his computer, and saw several emails concerning the outpost's headmistress, Wilhemina Venable.

Miss Venable meanwhile, knew that Michael did not intend for her to live, so her warden Miriam Mead and she, conspired to murder everyone at the outpost, including Langdon, and use his computer to find the sanctuary themselves. Venable held a Halloween masked ball, which included a game of bobbing for apples. Unbeknownst to the attendees, all of the apples were poisoned. Timothy and Emily both participated in the game, and died as a result of eating the poisoned food.

The two are revived when Mallory alters the timeline by killing Michael before his rise to power in 2015. In the new timeline, Timothy and Emily get married and have a baby who is revealed to be the Antichrist.

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  1. American Horror Story: The End
  2. American Horror Story: The Morning After
  3. American Horror Story: Forbidden Fruit

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