Tim Shaw
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Tim Shaw
Aliases: Timothy Shaw
Franchise: Dark Shadows
Notability: Supporting character
Type: Teacher
Gender: Male
Location: Worthington Hall, Rockport, Maine
Known relatives: Sebastian Shaw [1]
Status: Deceased by virtue of time era
1st appearance: Episode 731
Final: Episode 879
Actor: Don Briscoe

Tim Shaw is a fictional teacher and a recurring character on the original 1960s daytime Gothic soap opera Dark Shadows. Played by actor Don Briscoe, he first appeared in episode 731 in 1969. He is associated with the "1897 Flashback" storyline and made twenty-nine appearances in the series in total.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Tim Shaw went to the cave where the vampire Dirk Wilkins kept his coffin. There he found a mesmerized Judith Collins standing over the bullet-ridden body of Rachel Drummond. He brought Rachel back to the Old House, with the promise of fetching a doctor for her. He was too late however, and Rachel succumbed to her wounds. (DS 776) Judith had no memory of shooting Rachel, but Tim threatened to go to the police. Seeking to avoid any undue attention on Judith, Gregory Trask convinced Tim to cease blackmailing Judith in exchange for exonerating him for the murder of his own wife, Minerva Trask. Another part of Trask's deal was that Tim had to leave Worthington Hall; a request that Mister Shaw was only too willing to accommodate. (DS 777)

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  1. Possible descendant; The two share the same name, but it is never revealed whether or not there was any family connection.

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