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Thomas Bates is a minor character featured on the ABC television series The Gates. He was played by actor Kyle Secor and first appeared in the second episode of the series "What Lies Beneath".

Biography[edit | edit source]

Thomas Bates was the father of Andie Bates. Thomas' wife, died three years ago and he was aware of the fact that she was actually a succubus. Thomas was worried what ramifications this might have on his daughter. He later consulted with physician Peg Mueller who advised him that he needed to tell Andie the truth or else any man she came into contact with would be at great risk. ("What Lies Beneath")

Thomas was very reluctant to reveal the truth to Andie. He asked her to go with him to the 5th Annual Father/Daughter Dance, and even though Andie was too old for such a festivity, she relented and agreed to accompany her father. When Peg learned of this, she pleaded with Tom, insisting that he tell Andie the truth as soon as possible. He told her that he wanted "one more night with my daughter" before subjecting her to the harsh reality that she would soon have to face. After the dance, Thomas took Andie home and told her the truth. ("The Monster Within")

He had Andie go see Doctor Peg Mueller about her condition. Mueller examined Andie and set her up with a prescription for a special vitamin supplement designed to suppress her succubus side. Andie wanted to know if her mother had the same symptoms that she had developed. She told him that she didn’t want to take the medicine that Doctor Mueller prescribed, but Thomas insisted that she needed to take the pills as soon as Peg could get them.

Thomas Bates later had a private conversation with Peg. He revealed that Andie's mother didn't die in a car crash as he led her to believe. Though they both thought they could control the woman's life-draining powers, they failed and Thomas was forced to kill her. Andie didn't know the truth about this. ("Repercussions")

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