Series The Gates
Season 1, Episode 11
The Gates 1x11 001.jpg
Air date September 12th, 2010
Writers Grant Scharbo
Director Holly Dale
Producers Iddo Lampton Enochs, Jr.; Paul D. Goldman; Robert Hewitt Wolfe
Starring Rhona Mitra; Frank Grillo; Marisol Nichols; Luke Mably; Travis Caldwell; Skyler Samuels; Chandra West; Colton Haynes; Janina Gavankar; Justin Miles
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"Surfacing" is the eleventh episode of season one of the supernaturally-themed drama series The Gates. It was directed by Holly Dale and written by Grant Scharbo. The episode first aired on ABC on Sunday, September 12th, 2010. In this episode, Devon Buckley stirs up more trouble for Nick Monohan by resurrecting the spirit of Teresa Goodwin. The Radcliff home is also placed into a spot of intensity as little Emily's aunt Nancy pays them a visit with a social worker, putting Dylan and Claire Radcliff into an awkward predicament. Meanwhile, young Dana Monohan tries to get Andie Bates back together with her older brother Charlie, not realizing that by doing so, she is placing him in grave danger.

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  • Production code number: 504410-111-S111

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