Tempius Bar
Tempius Bar
Category: Business
Continent: North America
Country: United States of America
State: Michigan
City: Detroit
Appearances: Vampblade
1st appearance: Vampblade #3

The Tempius Bar is a fictional business featured in comic books published by Action Lab Comics under their Danger Zone imprint. It is associated with the Vampblade line of titles and first appeared in Vampblade #3 in March, 2016.

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The Tempius Bar was located in Detroit, Michigan. Katie Carva and her friends would usually frequent there, more recently to lament the passing of Katie's former boss, George "Mustache" Michaels - owner of Comic Planet. While there, Katie spotted several patrons who demonstrated symptoms of Glarkian possession. She entreated one into the restroom, where she pretended to seduce him by taking off her top. Afterward, she transformed into Vampblade and exorcised the entity from its host form.

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