"Magic Bullet"
Series Teen Wolf
Season 1, Episode 4
Teen Wolf 1x04 001
Air date June 20th, 2011
Writers Daniel Sinclair
Director Toby Wilkins
Producers Russell Mulcahy; Keith Birkfeld; Christopher Ottinger; Marty Adelstein; Jeff Davis; René Echevarria; Monica Macer
Starring Tyler Posey; Crystal Reed; Dylan O'Brien; Tyler Hoechlin; Holland Roden; Colton Haynes
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"Magic Bullet" is the title to the fourth episode of season one of the supernatural drama series Teen Wolf. It was directed by Toby Wilkins with a script written by Daniel Sinclair. It first aired on MTV on Monday, June 20th, 2011 at 10:00 pm.

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  • This is the first appearance of Jennifer.

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  • Ian Bohen, who plays Peter Hale, also played a character named Scott in the 1995 horror-themed musical comedy Monster Mash: The Movie. He also played a teenager in the "Zarqtha" episode of Baywatch Nights which, unlike its predecessor Baywatch, contained some elements of horror and the supernatural.

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