"You find him, you kill him and you cut him in half! Anybody want a cookie?"
Mrs. Argent
Series Teen Wolf
Season 1, Episode 8
Teen Wolf 1x08 001
Air date July 18th, 2011
Writers Monica Macer
Director Tim Andrew
Producers Russell Mulcahy; Keith Birkfeld; Christopher Ottinger; Marty Adelstein; Jeff Davis; René Echevarria; Monica Macer; Jeff Vlaming; Tony DiSanto; Karen Gorodetsky
Starring Tyler Posey; Crystal Reed; Dylan O'Brien; Tyler Hoechlin; Holland Roden; Colton Haynes
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"Night School"
"Wolf's Bane"

"Lunatic" is the eighth episode of season 1 of the 2011 relaunch series Teen Wolf. The episode was directed by Tim Andrew and written by Monica Macer. It first aired on MTV on Monday, July 18th, 2011. In this episode, Scott McCall must deal with the emotional consequences of his break-up with Allison Argent. Stiles tries to help Scott deal with a panic attack. The Argent family muster their resources and plot out a new strategy to track down the alpha werewolf. Meanwhile, Derek Hale reveals that he is still alive and needs to continue mentoring Scott if he is to survive. Jackson Whittemore grows more aggressive and takes advantage of Scott and Allison's break-up to put the moves on Allison.

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  • This episode takes place a little less than a month after the events of "Night School".
  • This is the first time that the alpha werewolf is seen assuming human form. The werewolf's true identity is revealed in "Wolf's Bane".
  • In one scene, Scott's eyes turn yellow and his voice deepens as he intimidates the group of bullies into surrendering the whiskey to him. This is a nod to the original Teen Wolf film in which Michael J. Fox's character Scott Howard, uses his werewolf abilities to frighten the proprietor of Tony's Liquor into selling him a keg of beer.
  • This episode reveals that Victoria Argent is fully "in the know" about her husband's extracurricular activities as a werewolf hunter. Future episodes will reveal that she is actually the one calling the shots, and is by far the most ruthless member of the Argent family.

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  • Continuity: In this episode, Mister Harris gives his class an economics test. Harris is a chemistry teacher. Bobby Finstock is the economics teacher (in addition to being coach to the lacrosse team).

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