From Justin Bunnell the Legendary 1990's  Cartoon With the Infamous Sexy  B'Witched Theme and  Sabrina Myths the Hart Sisters Emily Hart as Sabrina and Melissa As the Aunts and Nick Bakay as Salem It Became My Favorite Sabrina Cartoon Ever Sure Ashley Tisdale in Secrets Of a Witch My Favorite Show Was Just as Crazy as Melissa's Live Big Butt Version But the Voice Just Isn't as Cute/Sexy as the Emily Amanda Wiccan Hart's Because You See Emily is So Legendary that  they Had Britt Mckillip to Sound Just Like Her in Secret's Life and Friends Forever but still are only 2 Sabrina Hall Of Famers and That's the Harts After They Are the Co Voice Creators Of the Sexy Sabrina Character With the First  Sabrina 1970's Filmation's Jane Webb and Sabrina Voice

PS It Gets Me Even Today People Still Believe that Melissa Was the 1st Sabrina When She Only the 1st and Only Live Sabrina in History and Filmography Sabrina Was 1st Invented By Jane Webb Who Paved the Way Fot the Hart Family

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