"Mournin' Mess"
Series Tales from the Crypt
Season 3, Episode 10
Tales from the Crypt 3x10 001.jpg
Air date July 31st, 1991
Writers Manny Coto
Director Manny Coto
Producers Gilbert Adler; Richard Donner; David Giler; Walter Hill; Michael Hirsh; Barry Josephson; Jennie Lew Tugend; Joel Silver; Robert Zemeckis
Starring Steven Weber; Rita Wilson; Ally Walker; Vincent Schiavelli; Nick Angotti; Frank Kopyc
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"Mournin' Mess" is the tenth episode of season three of of the horror anthology series Tales from the Crypt and the thirty-fourth episode of the series overall. It was written and directed by Manny Coto. It first aired on HBO on Saturday, July 31st, 1991. The episode stars Steven Weber as Dale Sweeney, Rita Wilson as Jess Gilchrist, Ally Walker as Elaine Tillman, and Vincent Schiavelli as Robert.

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  • The Crypt Keeper's line about cannibal soup being "Mmm-mm, good" is a pun on the advertising used on commercials for Campbell's Soup.

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  • The Crypt Keeper: Ah, there you are! You're just in time! I'm trying a few new recipes from my new Betty Croaker's cookbook. I hope you like shish-ka-bob... damn! It isn't ready yet! Bob's still moving! Tonight's foul feast will begin with mashed potatoes, then onto some shrieking duck and finished with a nice kill-basa. I call this tasty tidbit, Mournin' Mess.


  • The Crypt Keeper: Mmmm... pretty tasteless, wouldn't you say? I guess in the end Mr. Sweeney learned not to go digging in other people's business. Although you'll be happy to hear that he's found himself a new career... as a ghostwriter!


  • The Crypt Keeper: So, still hungry for dessert? I hope you like cannibal soup... it's mmm-mmm good!

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