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Talbot Angelis
Talbot Angelis.jpg
Talbot Angelis
Continuity: True Blood
Notability: Supporting character
Type: Vampire
Gender: Male
Location: Jackson, Mississippi
Known relatives: Russell Edgington (lover)
Born: 1280 (approx)
Died: 2008
Introduction: "Beautifully Broken"
Final: "I Smell a Rat"
Actor: Theo Alexander

Talbot Angelis is a fictional vampire and supporting character featured in the HBO horror drama series True Blood. Played by actor Theo Alexander, he made recurring appearances throughout season three of the show, beginning with "Beautifully Broken". Talbot Angelis made seven appearances in the series in total, either as a living being, a hallucination or bodily remains.


Talbot Angelis was a vampire and the lover of Russell Edgington - the vampire King of Mississippi. Though the two have been together for several centuries, they settled down in Jackson, Mississippi when Edgington took on the appointment of King. Little is known about Talbot's history save that he was born in Byzantium, Greece sometime in the late 13th century and was made vampire while still in his early twenties.

As the royal consort to the King of Mississippi, Talbot presented himself as the gracious host of Edgington Manor, always seeking to impress Russell's guests with tidbits of trivia about the decor of the lavish estate.

Talbot Angelis came to a violent end when vampire sheriff Eric Northman sought revenge against Edgington for slaughtering his family. He took out his frustration on Talbot, driving a stake into him, which caused his body to explode in a fountain of blood and gore. The loss of Talbot drove Edgington insane and he collected his lover's soupy remains and kept them inside of a glass container. Ultimately, a local waitress and half-Fae named Sookie Stackhouse dumped what was left of Talbot into the garbage disposal at Fangtasia.

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  • Actor Theo Alexander has also appeared in episodes of Chuck, CSI: NY and Pushing Daisies.


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