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Sunnydale High School was a fictional high school and one of the principal settings seen in the first three seasons of the Mutant Enemy Productions television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The school was first seen in the series' pilot "Welcome to the Hellmouth".

Sunnydale High School was unique from other schools in that it was situated atop a Hellmouth - a mystical convergence of otherworldy dimensions, which served as a magnet for the supernatural. Because of this, the school and many of Sunnydale's surrounding environs were often the hunting grounds for various supernatural entities including vampires and demons. [1]

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The school library was the workplace of librarian Rupert Giles and also served as an impromptu training center for his protégé, Buffy Summers. Since students rarely visited the library, Giles was able to conduct Slayer business with little risk of anyone learning about what they were doing. Unlike most school libraries, the Sunnydale library was filled with various tomes and texts relating to the occult, most of which were supplied by Mister Giles himself.

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  • The name of Sunnydale High's varsity basketball team was the Razorbacks. [2]

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