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Steve Newlin
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Steve Newlin
Continuity: True Blood
Type: Vampire
Gender: Male
Location: Dallas, Texas
Known relatives: Theodore Newlin (father, deceased); Sarah Newlin (wife); Yvette Newlin (mother, deceased); Bethany Newlin (sister, deceased)
1st appearance: Living Dead in Dallas
Actor: Michael McMillian

Steve Newlin is a fictional character from "The Southern Vampire Mysteries" series of novels written by Charlaine Harris. The novels have been adapted into the popular HBO television series, True Blood, where the role of Steve Newlin was played by actor Michael McMillian. The character was introduced in the novel Living Dead in Dallas, the second book in the "The Southern Vampire Mysteries". On True Blood, Steve Newlin debuted in the second episode of season one, "Mine", but made only a minor appearance on a television screen. The character was expanded upon in greater detail in season two and he became one of two central villains throughout the season.

Biography[edit | edit source]

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Steve Newlin is the son of the late Reverend Theodore Newlin and the husband of Sarah Newlin. His father was the minister of a fundamentalist anti-vampire church group called the Fellowship of the Sun. His public view on vampire rights ultimately resulted in his death and the murder of his wife as well. Steve Newlin took up his father's cause and turned the Fellowship of the Sun into a veritable training camp of vampire hunters.

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