Includes a list of characters, actors and production crew members whose first names are Stan.

American Horror Story[edit | edit source]

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Stan was a white male in his late thirties or early forties who lived in Los Angeles, California. Stan worked as a tour guide on the Eternal Darkness Tour, which explored the most haunted locales in the city, the most infamous of which was the notorious "Murder House", which had been the scene of numerous grisly murders dating back to the 1920s. During one of the tours, Stan instructed one of the passengers in the tour bus, Vivien Harmon, to remain seated as they were not allowed to approach the house directly. Vivien however, was actually the owner of the Murder House. (AHS: Murder House)

Crossed[edit | edit source]

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Stan was an adult male and a survivor during the initial onset of a viral epidemic that turned normal human beings into murderous, blood-thirsty maniacs known as the Crossed. Stan managed to keep his wits about him and proved to be the voice of reason among the group. Stan developed a close bond with Cindy whom had saved his life several times over. Inwardly, he grew attracted to her, but kept his feelings to himself. Stan was the only member of the group whom Cindy trusted to look after her son, Patrick.


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