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The Slumber Party Massacre
Slumber Party Massacre.jpg
Title: The Slumber Party Massacre
Directed by: Amy Jones
Written by: Rita Mae Brown
Produced by: Roger Corman; Amy Jones; Aaron Lipstadt; Mark Allan
Music by: Ralph Jones
Cinematography: Steve Posey
Edited by: Sean Foley
Distributed by: Santa Fe Productions
New World Pictures
Released: November 12th, 1982
Rating: R
Running time: 77 min.
Country: USA
Language: English
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The Slumber Party Massacre is an American horror film of the slasher subgenre. It is the first installment of a series that yielded two direct sequels, and two spin-off films. The movie was directed by Amy Jones with a script written by Rita Mae Brown. It was produced by Santa Fe Productions and distributed through New World Pictures. It premiered in the United States on November 12th, 1982.

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Notes & Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The tagline to this film is "Close your eyes for a second... and sleep forever".
  • There are a total of nineteen credited cast members in this film.
  • This movie was filmed in July, 1981. It was shot in Los Angeles, California. Scenes from Trish's house were filmed at 3662 Mountain View Avenue. Scenes of the high school were shot at Mark Twain Middle School in Mar Vista. [1]

Trish lathers up.

  • The Slumber Party Massacre, as originally conceived by feminist Rita Mae Brown, was intended as a satire on the slasher genre. Producers re-worked her script however to make it a straight-forward horror movie, much to Brown's lament.
  • Valerie is watching the movie Hollywood Boulevard in this film. The movie was made in 1976 and was also produced by Roger Corman.
  • Producer and production manager Aaron Lipstadt also plays the role of the pizza boy in this film, who is one of Russ Thorn's victims.

Credits[edit | edit source]

Body Count[edit | edit source]

  1. Mary
  2. Linda
  3. David Contant
  4. John
  5. Diane
  6. Pizza boy
  7. Jeff
  8. Neil
  9. Jackie
  10. Kim Clarke
  11. Rachel Jana
  12. Russ Thorne

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