Type: Weapon
Availability: Common item
Owners: Gina Lempke; Scott

A slingshot, or wrist rocket, is a small handheld weapon that fires small projectiles. It is normally comprised of a cylindrical handle that splits into a fork. A taut, elastic band is stretched between the two ends with a catch pocket sewn into the center of the band. The projectile is placed in the catch pocket and the user draws the elastic band back as if it were a bow and arrow and then releases. The tension of the band snaps, sending the projectile flying at great speed towards it intended target. Generally, a slingshot does not do a lot of damage, but depending upon the object being projected, the tensile strength of the cord and the length by which it is drawn, it can cause a very serious welt.

In film[edit | edit source]

  • Friday the 13th Part 2: A camp counselor named Scott used a slingshot as a means of flirting with another counselor named Terry. On their very first day at the camp site, Scott hid in a bush waiting for Terry to walk by before firing a pebble into her buttocks.
  • Thinner: Gina Lempke was standing outside and began performing a provocative dance, accentuating her breasts and hiking her skirt up. When Billy took notice of her, she expressed her hatred of him by giving him the finger. She then fired a ball bearing from a slingshot, which put a hole through the middle of Billy's hand.

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