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Shuna Sassi
Shuna Sassi.jpg
Shuna Sassi
Continuity: Nightbreed
Type: Nightbreed
Gender: Female
Location: Midian, Shere Neck, Alberta, Canada
Introduction: Cabal (novella)
Actor: Christine McCorkindale

Shuna Sassi is a supporting character from the 1988 Clive Barker novella, Cabal. The novella was adapted into a film in 1990 called Nightbreed, where the role of Shuna Sassi was played by actress Christine McCorkindale. Shuna Sassi has also appeared in numerous issues of the Nightbreed comic book series by Marvel Comics.


Like most of the Nightbreed, there is little information about the mysterious woman known as Shuna Sassi. Like the rest of her race, Shuna Sassi was once human, but was reborn as a member of the Nightbreed following a violent death. She lived in the mysterious community known as Midian - a subterranean necropolis beneath a cemetery located in the town of Shere Neck, Alberta, Canada.

Shuna Sassi's body was coated with fine, needle-sharp quills, which she could project outward to defend herself from oncoming attackers. This proved vital when a group of police officers, led by the driven Captain Eigerman raided Midian and began exterminating as many of the Nightbreed as they could find. Shuna Sassi survived the assault, due in large measure to Midian's newest savior, Aaron Boone. Following the destruction of Midian, Boone led the Nightbreed on a journey to find a new haven where they could live in peace. [1][2]

Notes & Trivia

  • The character of Shuna Sassi was created by author Clive Barker.
  • Prior to coming to Midian, Aaron Boone had a dream wherein he saw a vision of Shuna Sassi. Shuna experienced a similar sensation and told her Nightbreed allies that she had dreamt of him.

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