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Continent: North America
Country: United States of America
State: Louisiana
Points of interest: Fangtasia
Appearances: True Blood

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Fangtasia is a bar that caters exclusively to the vampire subculture. It was originally owned by Eric Northman - the vampire Sheriff of Area 5 in Shreveport, Louisiana. Eric's support staff at Fangtasia consisted of his manager, Pam De Beaufort, a bartender named Longshadow, a hostess named Ginger and eventually newly-made vampire Tara Thornton, who also worked as a stripper. When Eric became deeply involved in vampire politics and feared that he might soon meet his end at the hands of "ancient pissed off vampire" Russell Edgington, he signed the property over to Pam De Beaufort, who kept it running same as it ever was in his absence.

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Character Film/Series
Elijah Stormer True Blood
J.D. Carson True Blood
Rikki Naylor True Blood

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