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Shining is a term used to describe a form of telepathy. People who can "shine" are often privy to information that they would not otherwise have access to. These people can also perceive and communicate with others who possess the gift. One example of an individual with the ability to "shine" was young Danny Torrance. Unable to comprehend the true nature of his power, Danny projected his knowledge of exterior events through an imaginary persona which he named Tony. Danny's father, Jack Torrance, likewise had the ability to shine, but for him, it made him a magnet for the malevolent forces which dominated his place of employment, the Overlook Hotel. Another man who possessed the gift was the Overlook's head chef, Dick Hallorann. Dick and Danny were able to speak with one another without either one of them opening their mouths.

In the 2017 film version of The Dark Tower, the character of Jake Chambers has psychic abilities that is referred to as "The Shine". He used the Shine to survive being attacked by a house demon.

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  • The term "Shining" is derived from the 1970 song "Instant Karma!" by John Lennon. The song contains the lyric "We all shine on", which King then utilized as a descriptor of Danny and Dick's psychic abilities. In the novel and in the miniseries, Dick Hallorann uses the phrase "shine on" when speaking to Danny.

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