Eben Oleson from 30 Days of Night.

A sheriff is a duly elected political official responsible for maintaining order and enforcing the law within his selected county. In the United States, a sheriff is usually accompanied by a number of deputies. In smaller American towns, the Sheriff's Department is often the prominent law enforcement agency for the entire town without the benefit of a city police department.

In the A Nightmare on Elm Street, and by extension, Friday the 13th film franchises, the sheriff of Springwood, Ohio was a man named Williams. Unlike other town sheriffs, Williams was fully aware of the existence and threat value of dream demon Freddy Krueger and was the architect in a conspiracy amongst the adults of the town to make people forget about him, thus robbing Freddy of his power. [1]

On the HBO series True Blood, the title of Sheriff takes on a different meaning. A sheriff is a rank of leadership within the Vampire Authority and they govern law and order within the vampire community within a specific district. One of the main characters, Eric Northman, is the Sheriff of Area 5, which comprises several different parishes in Louisiana including the cities of Shreveport in Caddo Parish and Bon Temps in Renard Parish.

On the MTV series Teen Wolf, one of the recurring supporting characters, Sheriff Stilinsky is the sheriff of Beacon County. His son, Stiles, is one of the main characters on the show.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Character Franchise
Adams Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The (2003)
Alan Pangborn Needful Things
Alex Romero Bates Motel
Andy Bellefleur True Blood
Ben Meeker Halloween
Bruce Smith Motel Hell
Bud Dearborne True Blood
Cal Tucker Friday the 13th
Charlie Hewitt Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Clark Hudson Scream: The Series
Davenport Dark Shadows
Earl McGraw From Dusk Till Dawn
Ed Landis Friday the 13th
Frank Huston House of 1000 Corpses
George Patterson Dark Shadows
Hugo Root Preacher
Karen Morgan Bitten
Liz Forbes The Vampire Diaries
Matthew Donner Wolf Lake
Michael Chasseur Hemlock Grove
Miguel Acosta Scream: The Series
Mike Garris Friday the 13th Part VI
Samantha Parker Eight Legged Freaks
Sean Smith Pumpkinhead film series
Sheriff Stilinsky Teen Wolf
Tom Sworn Hemlock Grove
Winston Hoyt Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

Vampire sheriffs[edit | edit source]

On the HBO television series True Blood, the vampire leader of a particular district, usually comprising multiple cities, is referred to as a sheriff.

Character Series
Elijah Stormer True Blood
Eric Northman True Blood

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