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Shelley Godfrey
Hemlock Grove 1x02 003.jpg
Shelley Godfrey
Aliases: Glo-worm
Continuity: Hemlock Grove
Notability: Supporting character
Type: Reanimate
Gender: Female
Location: Hemlock Grove, Pennsylvania
Known relatives: Olivia Godfrey
Roman Godfrey
Norman Godfrey
Letha Godfrey
Marie Godfrey
JR Godfrey
1st appearance: "Jellyfish in the Sky"
Actor: Nicole Boivin
Amazon Eve
Michael Andreae

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  • Johann Pryce referred to Shelley as "Glo-worm" due to the fact that her skin always had an irridescant glow whenever somebody touched her.
  • Actress Nicole Boivin did all of the close-up shots and voiceover work for Shelley Godfrey. 6'8" supermodel Amazon Eve and actor Michael Andreae played Shelley in the scenes where she is shown at full stature.

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