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She Beast
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Deadlier than Dracula! Wilder than the Werewolf! More frightening than Frankenstein!
Title She Beast
Directed by Michael Reeves
Written by Michael Byron; F. Amos Powell
Produced by Paul M. Maslansky; Michael Reeves
Music by Paul Ferris; Ralph Ferraro [1]
Cinematography G. Gengarelli
Edited by Nira Omri
Distributed by Europix Consolidated Corp.; Dark Sky Films
General Information
Release date(s) May 2nd, 1966
Film Rating
Running time 79 min.
Country Italy
Language Italian (English dubbed)
Budget £15,000
Gross revenue ITL 30,704,000
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The She Beast is a British-Italian horror film of the witchcraft subgenre. It was written and directed by Michael Reeves and produced by Paul M. Maslansky for Europix Consolidated Corp.. The film stars Barbara Steele and Ian Ogilvy and was initially released in May of 1966.



Notes & Trivia

  • Alternatively known in Italian as La sorella di Satana and Revenge of the Blood Beast.
  • Actress Lucretia Love is credited under the name Lucrezia Love in this film.
  • Screenwriter F. Amos Powell makes a cameo appearance in the film as a man in a raincoat and a policeman.


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  1. US release only.