Shadow Realm is a compilation of four episodes of the short-lived Fox Network television series Night Visions. Each episode contained two stories and were originally hosted by musician/actor/writer Henry Rollins. The Sci-Fi Channel acquirred the rights to broadcast the episodes, including the last two unaired episodes and strung them together as an anthology movie. Title sequences and end credits were changed and the Henry Rollins introductions were removed from the final product.

Plot Edit

"Patterns" Edit

Cast Edit

Actor Role
Miguel Ferrer Doctor Dan Critchley
John B. Lowe Mister Brand
Malcolm McDowell Martin

"The Maze" Edit

Cast Edit

Actor Role
Henry Rollins Host
Thora Birch Susan Thornhill
Luke Edwards Wes
Amanda Plummer Music professor

"Harmony" Edit

Cast Edit

Actor Role
Justin Chatwin Pete
Chilton Crane Mrs. Hartford
Michael Hogan Larry
James Kirk Tim
Shirley Knight Mrs. Finch
Mithcell Kosterman Sheriff
Tracy Middendorf Lucinda
Timothy Olyphant Eli
Chirara Zanni Gail

"Voices" Edit

Cast Edit

Actor Role
Jaime Abregana, Jr. Rick
Lombardo Boyar Perez
Cameron Crigger Young Tim Malone
John Finn Malone
Terrylene Sandra McClinnon

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Not to be confused with the anime series Yûgiô.

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