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Sam Evans
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Sam Evans
Aliases: Mister Evans
Continuity: Dark Shadows
Type: Supporting character
Gender: Male
Location: Collinsport, Maine
Known relatives: Maggie Evans (daughter); Joe Haskell (son-in-law); Unnamed wife (deceased)
Born: Unknown
Died: 1968
1st appearance: Dark Shadows: 5
Actor: Mark Allen
David Ford
Eddie Jones

Sam Evans is a supporting character featured in the Dark Shadows franchise. He was introduced in episode #5 of the original 1960s Dark Shadows series and was initially played by actor Mark Allen. Allen played the role of Sam Evans for a total of eleven episodes, his last being episode #22. Afterward, the part was played by actor David Ford who began playing Evans in episode #35 and continued to play the character until he was written off the series. Ford played Sam Evans in 99 episodes of the show, including his character's ghost as seen in episode #530. In total, the character appeared in 120 episodes. The character also appeared in the 1991 Dark Shadows revival series where he was played by Eddie Jones. Jones appeared as Sam Evans in the series pilot, as well as episode #5. In the revival series' counterpart to the "1795 Flashback", Jones played his character's ancestor, Bailiff Henry Evans.

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  • Actor Eddie Jones played his character's ancestor, Bailiff Henry Evans, in four episodes of the "1790 Flashback" storyline.

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