'Salem's Lot
Salem's Lot (novel)
Publisher's info
Title: 'Salem's Lot
Author: Stephen King
Publisher: Doubleday Publishing Group
1st printing: October 17th, 1975
ISBN: ISBN 9780385007511
Page count: 439 pages
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Salem's Lot is an American novel of the horror genre with an emphasis on vampire fiction. It was written by Stephen King and first published in hardcover edition by Doubleday Publishing Group on October 17th, 1975.

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  • The inset cover art illustration for the 1st printing hardcover release was by Dave Christensen.
  • This novel was nominated for the World Fantasy Award in 1976.
  • The story was originally going to be called "Second Coming", but King's wife, Tabitha King, noted that it sounded like a "bad sex story", and so it was changed to Jerusalem's Lot, and then shortened to 'Salem's Lot.
  • This book was adapted into a television movie in 1979, directed by Tobe Hooper.
  • This book was adapted into a television movie again in 2004, directed by Mikael Salomon.

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