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Actor Role
David Soul Ben Mears
James Mason Richard K. Straker
Lance Kerwin Mark Petrie
Bonnie Bedelia Susan Norton
Lew Ayres Jason Burke
Julie Cobb Bonnie Sawyer
Elisha Cook Gordon "Weasel" Phillips
George Dzundza Cully Sawyer
Ed Flanders Bill Norton
Clarissa Kaye Majorie Glick
Geoffrey Lewis Mike Ryerson
Barney McFadden Ned Tibbets
Kenneth McMillan Parkins Gillespie
Fred Willard Larry Crockett
Marie Windsor Eva Miller
Barbara Babcock June Petrie
Bonnie Bartlett Ann Norton
Joshua Byrant Ted Petrie
James Gallery Father Donald Callahan
Robert Lussier Nolly Gardner
Brad Savage Danny Glick
Ned Wilson Henry Glick
Reggie Nalder Kurt Barlow
Ernest Phillips Royal Snow

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