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A séance is the process by which an assemblage of people attempt to communicate with a spiritual entity. A séance is typically presided over by a medium, who is usually gifted with some measure of spiritual affinity. The medium acts as both a conduit and an arbitrator, allowing discourse between the spiritual entities and individuals who wish to communicate with them. At one point, the practice was considered to be one of serious undertaking. Séances became quite popular amongst the upper-class in Victorian-era England. By modern standards, séances have come to be regarded as a form of entertainment. Most people who consider themselves rational thinkers are skeptical as to the legitimacy of such practices. Séances were a commonly used plot device on television programs such as the original Dark Shadows.

In film[edit | edit source]

  • Count Yorga, Vampire: A woman named Donna attempted a séance in order to commune with the spirit of her recently deceased mother. The medium for the séance was a Bulgarian mystic named Yorga, who turned out to be a vampire. During the séance, Donna went into a fit of hysterics.
  • Host: Haley hosts a Zoom meeting during quarantine and invites five friends, as well as a medium named Seylan to conduct a seance. One of the friends, Jemma, angers the spirits, thus inviting bad ju-ju that torments all the attendees despite their remote locations.

In television[edit | edit source]

  • Dark Shadows: 1080: David Collins and Hallie Stokes are in the playroom at Collinwood and hold a seance to contact the spirits their ancestors, Tad Collins and Carrie Stokes. The seance works, except that Tad and Carrie end up possessing David and Hallie. Dumbasses.
  • Penny Dreadful: Séance: A woman named Evelyn Poole, aka Madam Kali, was hired to conduct a séance at the home of Ferdinand Lyle in 1891 as part of a party. Kali failed in invoking the presence of any spirits, but one of the party guests, Vanessa Ives, stole the show when the demon that had been possessing her made quite a spectacle of itself.

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