Royce Armstrong
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Royce Armstrong
Continuity: The Secret Circle
Type: Warlock
Gender: Male
Location: Chance Harbor, Washington
Known relatives: Richard Armstrong (son, deceased); Sara Armstrong (daughter-in-law, deceased); Jake Armstrong (grandson); Nick Armstrong (grandson, deceased)
Introduction: "Crystal"
Actor: John de Lancie

Royce Armstrong is a minor character featured in the CW Network television series The Secret Circle. He was played by actor John de Lancie and appeared in the nineteenth episode from season one, "Crystal".

Overview[edit | edit source]

Royce Armstrong is a retired warlock elder living on the outskirts of Chance Harbor, Washington. Like all magic users from that town, Royce was once part of a witches' coven called a secret circle. Around the year 1995, Royce and several other elders sought to strip away the power of their successors, taking from them their family crystals. Singularly, the crystals helped to enhance and focus an individual's power, but combined, they formed a crystal skull which was reputed to harness unparalleled power for any witch who possessed it. Following the conflagration between a band of witch hunters and his circle's successors, Royce took possession of his son's crystal and became a recluse. He hid the crystal inside of a mine shaft, hoping that no other magic user, in particular the power hungry warlock John Blackwell would ever find it. Years later, Royce's grandson, Jake Armstrong, came to him looking for the crystal. Jake was part of a new secret circle under the tutelage of John Blackwell. The circle needed to reform the crystal skull in order to fight off the surviving witch hunters. Royce however, proved extremely uncooperative, but the group managed to find the crystal on their own. (Secret Circle: Crystal)

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  • Actor John de Lancie is best known for playing the omnipotent alien being known as Q in the science fiction television series Star Trek: The Next Generation.

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