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Rose Cottage
Category: Residence
Continent: North America
Country: United States of America
State: Maine
Town: Collinsport
Locale: Collinwood
Residents: Desmond Collins; Flora Collins; Gerard Stiles; Leticia Faye
Appearances: Dark Shadows

Rose Cottage is a fictional location featured in the 1960s-70s daytime Gothic soap opera Dark Shadows.

Description & History[edit | edit source]

Although referred to as a cottage, Rose Cottage was actually an elegant mansion estate owned by the Collins family of Collinsport, Maine and located not far from the Great House of Collinwood in Collinsport, Maine. It was built sometime around the early 19th century and was the home of Flora Collins and her son Desmond around the year 1840. Desmond's fiancé, Leticia Faye as well as a family friend named Gerard Stiles lived at the cottage for some time as well.

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Notes & Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Rose Cottage existed in an erased timeline in which Gerard Stiles (possessed by the spirit of Judah Zachary) implemented a scheme that saw the destruction of Collinwood by the year 1995. In the normal timeline, Rose Cottage did not exist.

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