Rondo is a fictional bounty hunter and a supporting character featured in the 2005 Grindhouse action/horror film The Devil's Rejects. He was played by actor Danny Trejo.

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Rondo was a bounty hunter and a member of the "Unholy Two" along with his partner Billy Ray Snapper. In May of 1978, Rondo and Billy Ray were hired by John Quincy Wydell to track down and apprehend three members of the murderous Firefly family; Otis B. Driftwood, Baby Firefly and Captain Spaulding. As an upstanding officer of the law, Wydell didn't necesarilly approve of the Unholy Two's methods, but in a short span of time, his obsession with the Fireflys overrode his moral sense of right and wrong.

Rondo and Billy Ray tracked the three killers to a Ruggsville brothel known as Charlie's Frontier Fun Town. He came up behind a prostitute named Casey in a bath house and cut her throat. Hethen got the drop on Baby Firefly and handed her over to Sheriff Wydell. [1]

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  • The character of Rondo was created by writer and director Rob Zombie.

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