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Roger the Dog Man
Roger the Dog Man.jpg
Roger the Dog Man
Aliases: Roger the Bear Man
Continuity: The Shining
Notability: Minor character
Type: Partier
Gender: Male
Location: Overlook Hotel, Colorado
Status: Deceased
Introduction: The Shining
Actor: Unknown

Roger the Dog Man is a fictional minor character featured in the 1977 horror novel The Shining by author Stephen King. He also made a brief appearance in one of the bizarre "WTF?" scenes in the 1980 adaptation of The Shining by director Stanley Kubrick.


Very little is known about this individual save for that his name was Roger. Roger was a guest at the Overlook Hotel in the 1940s.

In 1945, the hotel's new owner, Horace Derwent, threw a lavish masquerade ball in honor of the hotel's re-opening. Roger attended the ball dressed in a dog costume. At some point, Roger must have died in the hotel, for his ghost remained behind, occupying one of the rooms.

Thirty-some years later, Wendy Torrance - wife of the winter caretaker Jack Torrance, began seeing the various ghosts in the house. She saw the mysterious "dog man" in what appeared to be some form of sexual congress with another man, possibly even Horace Derwent himself.

Notes & Trivia

  • This party guest was identified as Roger in the novel only, and as Lewis Toner in the book prologue Before the Play. He is not identified in the movie.
  • In the novel, Roger wore a dog costume. In the movie, he is seen wearing a bear costume and performing fellatio on another man.
  • The means by which Roger died is revealed in the prologue Before the Play, later included in the 2017 special edition of the book. According to the prologue, Roger (going under the name Lewis Toner in the prologue) took several pills he finds in his hotel room while taking a bath in his bathtub. He was subsequently found dead the next morning, having drowned in his sleep.
  • Per the novel, Roger was hopelessly in love with Harry Derwent. Whether the man seen with Roger in Kubrick's film is intended to be Derwent or not is unclear.
  • The actor who played Roger in the film is uncredited and unidentified.

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