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Roanoke Island
Aliases: Roanoke
Category: Island
Continent: North America
Country: United States of America
State: North Carolina
Points of interest: Big Shaker Mansion
Appearances: American Horror Story
Sleepy Hollow

Roanoke Island is an island located in the U.S. state of North Carolina. It is situated in Dare County on the outer banks of the state and is approximately eight miles long by two miles wide. It is connected to the mainland by U.S. Highway 64. The island was named for the Algonquin tribal people the Roanoac.

Roanoke Colony Edit

Roanoke Island has a mysterious and engaging history, owing largely to the Roanoke Colony established by Sir Walter Raleigh on behalf of Queen Elizabeth I of England. The colony was established in 1585, but three years later, mysteriously disappeared. When Raleigh returned to Roanoke with more migrating colonists from Europe, his crew found nothing but a skeleton. They left the new group of colonists behind, but returned later in 1590 that they too had mysteriously disappeared. All of the homes had been dismantled and the only thing left behind of their presence was the word "Croatoan" carved into a tree. Since then, the ninety men and women who inexplicably disappeared had become known as the "Lost Colony".

Big Shaker Mansion Edit

Big Shaker Mansion is a large two-story farmhouse located on a ten acre property in Roanoke, North Carolina and was built in 1792 by Edward Philippe Mott, an ancestor of notorious serial killer Dandy Mott. In 1989, sisters Miranda and Bridget Jane were nurses who purchased Roanoke House and converted it infggto a rest home. They began murdering their charges, selecting victims by the first letter of their first name and progressively writing the word "Murder" on the wall in their blood. Their first victim was a woman named Risa . [1]

In 1997, Professor Elias Cunningham stayed at Roanoke House and researched the events surrounding the 1989 murders committed by Miranda and Bridget Jane. Cunningham's stay at Roanoke house ultimately drove him insane. He took up shelter in an adjacent cellar, which could be accessed from outside the house. He began making recordings of his findings and his concerns about staying in the house. [1]

In 2016, Matt Miller and Shelby Miller purchased Roanoke House and the 10-acre land that it sat upon for $40,000 dollars. Locals opposed to the Millers' purchase included the nearby Polk family.

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