Richard Ramirez
Richard Ramirez.jpg
Richard Ramirez
Aliases: Night Stalker
Ricardo Leyva Muñoz Ramírez
Type: Serial killer
Gender: Male
Location: Los Angeles, California
San Francisco, California
Status: Deceased
Born: February 29th, 1960
Died: June 7th, 2013
Actor: Anthony Ruivivar
Zach Villa
Cash Galvan [1]
Mateo James Gallegos [2]

Richard Ramirez, born as Ricardo Leyva Muñoz Ramírez, was an American Satanist, burglar, rapist and serial killer. He was born in El Paso, Texas on February 29th, 1960. Between the months of June, 1984 to August, 1985, Richard Ramirez terrorized the Los Angeles area with his murderous crimes, including multiple home invasions, resulting in the deaths of sixteen people. The media dubbed him the "Night Stalker". He was ultimately captured by a group of residents, who held onto him until he could be taken into custody. Following his trial, he was given nineteen death sentences. Ramirez remained on Death Row for the remainder of his life. Richard Ramirez Ramirez died of complications from B-cell lymphoma on June 7th, 2013 while awaiting execution. He was 53-years-old.

American Horror Story

Richard Ramirez' life, as well as afterlife, have been fictionalized on the FX Network television series American Horror Story. He was originally played by actor Anthony Ruivivar and appeared in the season five storyline, "Hotel". He appeared in episode 5x04, "Devil's Night", as a ghost who became a dinner guest of James Patrick March at the Hotel Cortez, who had hosted a function attended by the ghosts of other notorious serial killers including Aileen Wuornos and John Wayne Gacy. He also appeared in the season finale, "Be Our Guest".

Richard Ramirez took on a more central role in the season nine story-arc, "1984", which took place in the summer when a younger Ramirez first began developing his reputation as the "Night Stalker". He was played by actor Zach Villa in these episodes. Through the course of this storyline, Ramirez was killed by another serial killer named Benjamin Richter. Thanks to his knowledge of Satanism however, he was able to resurrect himself and continue his murderous ways. Satan also resurrects Richter after his death and the two flee Camp Redwood, teaming up for a year but their relationship strains in 1985 and Richter becomes responsible for Ramirez's capture similar to real-life.

Ramirez eventually escapes in 1989 with the help of Satan and returns to Camp Redwood but murders Richter's wife Lorraine but sparing his son Bobby. Ramirez vows to kill Bobby since he is able to leave the camp. Ramirez is killed by the ghosts and in an effort to protect Bobby, the ghosts have been murdering him each time he resurrects for over 30 years. This timeline contradicts the real-life timeline where Ramirez died of cancer in 2013 as well as the previously mentioned episode from "Hotel" where he is a ghost with no satanic connections in the afterlife though it can be assumed this is a result of Mallory preventing the nuclear holocaust in "Apocalypse".

Notes & Trivia

  • Richard Ramirez and another real-life serial killer, Aileen Wuornos, share the same birthday. They were both born on February 29th. Wuornos was born in 1956 and Ramirez was born in 1960.

Body Count



  • Rod - Disemboweled in the locker room of a fitness center.
  • Lorraine - Slashed to death off-screen.
  • Limahl - Throat slit.
  • Nick Beggs - Killed off-screen.
  • Jez Strode - Killed off-screen.
  • Steve Askew - Killed off-screen.
  • Stacey - Stabbed to death.


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  1. Actor Cash Galvan played 5-year-old Richard Ramirez in flashbck in the "Mr. Jingles" episode from season nine of American Horror Story.
  2. Actor Mateo James Gallegos played 12-year-old Richard Ramirez in flashbck in the "Mr. Jingles" episode from season nine of American Horror Story.
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